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NCCU Information Security Center Unveiling Ceremony

The Information Security Center at National Chengchi University (NCCU) was officially inaugurated on February 20, 2024, with the Center's Director, Raylin Tso, hanging the center's nameplate and attended by Assistant Professors Yi-Fan Tseng and Shi-Sheng Sun from NCCU.

The NCCU Information Security Center, backed by the fields of humanities, law, and business, integrates financial technology applications in information security, focusing on issues related to information security under financial technology. To promote interdisciplinary connections in information security research within NCCU, and understand the needs and trends of the industry and academia, the center acts as a platform for collaboration and exchange in cross-disciplinary applications of information security. It aims to enhance national information security capabilities through “research and development,” “international cooperation,” “industry-academia collaboration,” and “talent cultivation” as its four major goals.

Figure 1: Raylin Tso, director of the center, hung up the center’s nameplate

Figure 2: Director Raylin Tso (left), Assistant Professor Yi-Fan Tseng(middle), and Assistant Professor Shi-Sheng Sun(right)

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