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Our Mission

The vision of TACC is to establish Taiwan as a global cybersecurity research leader, fostering cutting-edge technology, a global perspective, and attracting international talent for sustained research excellence.

The government has designated "Cybersecurity is National Security" as a major national policy to establish a secure environment for developing a smart nation. The "Cybersecurity is National Security 2.0” strategy further emphasizes enhancing talent cultivation and the development of innovative cybersecurity technologies. Under the plan, based on cross-ministerial collaboration projects such as the "Taiwan Excelling in Cybersecurity" and Excelling in Cybersecurity Industry Development, one of the programs for Promoting Six Core Strategic Industries as well as the 6th National Cyber Security Program of Taiwan, the National Science and Technology Council (NSTC) establishes the Taiwan Academic Cybersecurity Center (TACC) as a national-level cybersecurity technology research center. TACC focuses on cultivating cutting-edge cybersecurity research capabilities in the upper and middle tiers and collaborates with downstream ministries to strengthen the foundation of our country's research and development in cybersecurity technology.

NSTC aims to develop cybersecurity technology research strategically through TACC, fostering academic excellence in key research areas to achieve international prominence. In addition, it aims to cultivate talent in cybersecurity academic research. Suppose the following research outcomes show potential for practical applications. In that case, TACC can also facilitate collaboration across ministries and work with the National Institute of the Cyber Security of the Ministry of Digital Affairs to promote the development of mature applied technologies, cybersecurity talent cultivation, and international cybersecurity collaboration in the downstream sector.

Under the overall framework of TACC, this project aims to establish research centers at selected universities as TACC branches, focusing on critical initiatives in specific cutting-edge cybersecurity technologies and enhancing the international presence of cybersecurity academic research. The primary focus will be challenging academic frontiers and executing collaborative projects with leading international cybersecurity research teams or scholars to establish a global platform for cybersecurity research collaboration. The implementation of this project is expected to elevate the prominence of forward-looking cybersecurity research in Taiwan while ensuring a global perspective in Taiwanese cybersecurity research. Ultimately, the goal is to attract international talent, sustain research capabilities, and position Taiwan as a worldwide benchmark in cybersecurity research.