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TACC Panel Discussion on PQC Migration- Panel on PQC Migration, experts discuss PQC challenges and new standard development

On November 28, 2023, the "2nd Workshop on PQC Standardization & Migration," jointly organized by QSMC (Quantum Safe Migration Center), BTQ Technologies Corp., and the Taiwan Academic Cybersecurity Center (TACC) from the National Science and Technology Council in Taiwan, was successfully held.

The event featured the participation of esteemed experts and scholars, including Professor Raylin Tso from the Cybersecurity Center at National Chengchi University, Brian LaMacchia from Farcaster Consulting Group, LLC, Shivam Bhasin from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, Wei-Chih Hong from BTQ, Ruben Niederhagen from the Academia Sinica, and Matthias J. Kannwischer from QSMC. The participants discussed the timeline for quantum computer development, the challenges of transitioning to new cryptographic standards, and the necessity of standardization and government support.

Experts and scholars delved into in-depth exchanges throughout the event, sharing their latest research findings. The workshop provided a valuable platform for promoting the standardization and migration of post-quantum cryptography, fostering collaboration and communication between academia and industry. We also look forward to further cooperation and activities that will advance the field of post-quantum cryptography together.

Figure 1: Panel discussion

Figure 2: Workshop photo

Figure 3: VIP group photo


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