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The Information Security Research Center at NSYSU honored with the 2023 Future Tech Award

The Information Security Research Center at National Sun Yat-sen University has been awarded the "2023 FutureTech Award" for its project titled "Privacy-Preserving Medical Data Warehouse System Supporting Secure Data Mining." The core technology behind this project is SABHPRE (Searchable Attribute-Based Homomorphic Proxy Re-Encryption). This technology allows for the flexible use of encrypted data, breaking the limitations of traditional encryption methods. Its key feature lies in its combination of searchable attributes, homomorphic computation, proxy re-encryption, and access control. This means that medical data, once encrypted, can still be searched and computed while preserving privacy. Additionally, data access authorization becomes more flexible and convenient.

The application scope of this technology is extensive, ranging from secure storage and exchange of medical data to telemedicine and training of intelligent medical models. Not only does it provide a more secure data exchange platform but also offers healthcare institutions more opportunities for international collaboration. Healthcare institutions can securely store data in public clouds and conduct cross-border joint model training using this technology. Furthermore, patients can safely transmit their medical data to public clouds, enabling precision medicine. This not only reduces the costs for healthcare institutions but improves the quality and efficiency of healthcare services as well. Additionally, the modular design allows various vendors to quickly integrate the key encryption technology of this system into their own systems. Healthcare institutions can confidently entrust data management to public clouds to streamline costs. Figure 1 illustrates the overall architecture of this system.


Figure 1: System Architecture Diagram


Our team was invited to participate in the "2023 Taiwan Innovation Expo (TIE) – Future Tech " exhibition, which lasted for three days from 10/12/2023 to 10/14/2023. On 10/14/2023, Minister Tsung-Tsong Wu of the National Science and Technology Council personally presented the award, as shown in Figure 2. During the exhibition, in addition to inquiries from companies, there were also many community groups that came to listen to the presentation, as depicted in Figures 3 and 4.


Figure 2: Award Ceremony


Figure 3: Consultation with Foreign Companies


Figure 4: Explanation for Community Groups


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