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Assistant Prof. Mao-Hsiu Hsu, National Formosa University


Assistant Prof. Mao-Hsiu Hsu, National Formosa University

Research Project

Anti-Spoofing Fingerprint Identification with Near Far Distance DNN-LSTM of Compression Tiny Model on FPGA


According to the development and widespread application of information technology, fingerprint recognition technology has been widely used in modern society. Its efficiency and convenience have become important means for modern identity authentication, smartphone unlocking, financial transactions, and other fields. However, there is a significant difference in accuracy among existing fingerprint recognition systems, with some systems having low accuracy, resulting in high error rates that affect system reliability and effectiveness. In practical applications, fingerprint recognition systems still face challenges, such as low accuracy, vulnerability to fake fingerprints, and difficulties with robustness to environmental factors, etc. Among these challenges, the issue of fake fingerprint attacks is particularly severe. If illegal users who employ this attack method are recognized as legitimate users by the system, it can result in illegal access to the system. In application of identity authentication, smartphone unlocking, or financial transaction verification, it will lead to privacy issues, data breaches, or even actual financial losses. Therefore, this study aims to explore the development trends of fingerprint recognition technology, analyze the existing problems in current technologies, and propose improvements and innovations to enhance the reliability and security of fingerprint recognition systems, especially in addressing the issue of fake fingerprint attacks. Finally, the fingerprint recognition system will be implemented on a practical FPGA for validation.

Key Research Topic

Security on Chip

Team Member

Assistant Prof. Mao-Hsiu Hsu


Assistant Prof. Wei-Hung Chen



Assistant Prof. Mao-Hsiu Hsu
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