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Prof. Ren-Song Tsay, National Tsing Hua University


Prof. Ren-Song Tsay, National Tsing Hua University

Research Project

An Ultra-secure Device and Data Management System based on Zero-Trust Principle


This grant proposal emphasizes the pressing need for Taiwan to develop a national-scale software and hardware system architecture that prioritizes security and privacy concerns arising from the widespread use of IoT technology. The proposed solution is a zero-trust protection system that ensures citizens have more secure digital identities, greater privacy and human rights protection, and more robust communication security. The current centralized approach to device and data management by enterprise providers fail to uphold the zero-trust principle and poses significant security and privacy issues for users. While advanced solutions such as blockchain-based access control and auditing managers offer transparency and traceability of personal user consents, they fall short in protecting data on off-chain devices, rendering them vulnerable to security breaches. Hardware-assisted trusted computing solutions can protect the integrity and confidentiality of devices and ensure that programs behave as expected without malicious actions. However, many of these solutions still fail to uphold the zero-trust principle, making them vulnerable to attacks due to an excessively large codebase or a significant attack surface.

Key Research Topic

Zero Trust Architecture

Team Member

Prof. Ren-Song Tsay



Prof. Ren-Song Tsay
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